Turf Replacement Rebate

Replace your turf grass and receive a rebate of up to $2,000!

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has a rebate program for removing turf and replacing it with landscapes that require little water at California single-family residences to support the State's drought response. For more information on the program's history, go to the DWR turf site at www.water.ca.gov/turf/.

The $24 million program budget is expected to support the conversion of more than 10 million square feet of turf, or approximately 20 percent of the statewide goal of 50 million square feet of turf. Up to $2 per square foot of removed and replaced turf will be rebated per eligible household. The total rebated amount, including any rebates the homeowner has already applied for from another agency, can't exceed a total of $2 per square foot.

How to Get Your Turf Rebate

NOTE: Please do not start your project before receiving your reservation approval by email. A reservation is confirmation that funding has been set aside for your project. If the project is completed in accordance with the program requirements, applicants will be eligible to claim the reserved funding.

The rebate process consists of two on-line application parts. Here is how the process works:

Part 1

  1. Submit the application to determine if you qualify for a reservation.
  2. Receive your reservation approval to begin the conversion project.
  3. Start and complete your re-landscaping project per the program guidelines.

Part 2

  1. Complete the rebate application for review.
  2. Receive your rebate approval notice.
  3. Receive your rebate check!

The How to Apply page will provide specific details on completing the two part application process.

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