Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Drought Tolerant Landscapes Turlock, CAMost homeowners in Central California like the idea of having a large number of plantings, trees as well as lawn installations on their property. However, water conservation is a growing concern in the state and most property owners are now moving away from getting expansive lawns and large trees installed.

So, does that mean you have to give up your desire to have some greenery and color in your immediate surroundings? Not at all! We Gilgert’s Landscaping are the landscapers that have proved our expertise in designing and installing drought-resistant landscapes for clients across the region.

Custom Designed Drought-Resistant Landscapes

Over the last 33 years, our company has been serving customers in Turlock Modesto, Oakdale, Manteca, Ripon, and the surrounding areas. As a full-service landscaping company, we provide excellent water-efficient landscaping services. These landscapes are referred to as Xeriscapes and involve the use of different types of low water consumption features such as:

  • Dry Creeks With Boulders - It’s a great idea to consider getting a dry creek installation for your yard space. Since you can choose from rocks and boulders of different sizes, shapes, and colors, it’s possible to create a very dramatic aesthetic in the landscape. A dry creek running through the landscape makes it easier to maintain.

    The rocks and boulders also allow water to permeate into the soil and replenish the water table underground. This becomes a very effective water conservation method. Boulder settings in other parts of the landscape serve a similar purpose, while improving the aesthetics of the outdoor spaces.

  • Opt For Potted Plants - If you want a great-looking garden without compromising on the greenery aspect, consider getting a larger number of potted plants. These plantings require significantly less water than plants that have been installed directly in the ground. Aside from this, potted plants are easier to maintain and they keep the plant’s roots safe from garden pests as well. Good quality, artistic pots add beauty to the landscape.

  • Native Trees - We can help you pick great native trees for your landscape. Since they adapt themselves to the low water condition in their surroundings very well, that doesn’t impact their appearance or health. They provide sufficient shade and help keep your immediate surroundings cooler. Their foliage also provides shade to the ground below and reduces the amount of moisture evaporating from the soil.

  • Drought-Tolerant Plants - Grasses and plants that thrive in hotter environments are better able to adapt to Xeriscapes. These plants are less impacted by the blazing sun and heat and require significantly far less water than standard plants. Our experts will help you choose from a variety of drought-tolerant plantings such as aloe, yuccas, sedum, agave, and cactus.

    You can replace your lawn spaces with ground covers such as myoporum, wine cups, and California fuchsia, yellow columbine, bunny ears cactus, boxwood, begonia, and autumn sage can lend a pop of color to your drought-resistant yard without consuming large amounts of water.

We can also install drip irrigation systems throughout the landscape. This deposits water at the roots of the plants, which significantly helps reduce evaporation from the soil. We provide custom solutions at very competitive drought-resistant landscaping cost. For any more information about our services, feel free to contact Gilgert’s Landscaping at 209-656-0431. You can send us your request via this Online Form as well.

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