Large Boulder Settings

Large Boulder SettingsDue to their sheer huge sizes, boulders are hardly the choice of many property owners who wish to upgrade the looks of their landscape. For them, these huge rocks are better suited to Hollywood movies with Western theme. But here at Gilgert's Landscaping, we are experts in harnessing the decorative potentials of boulders with the large boulder settings that we do for clients in Turlock and other areas in California.

The Uses of Boulders in Landscapes

Boulders offer the following uses in a landscape:

  • Gardens. Gardens should not only have decorative plants and flowers. With large boulder settings, we carefully position these huge rocks in such a way that they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the elements in the garden. We can even put some signs in the boulders themselves for a personalized, more interesting look.

  • Waterfalls. For an authentic effect, boulders should be placed in waterfalls. As it is, most waterfalls have large boulders somewhere; hence, putting boulders in strategic areas of the artificial waterfalls will create the impression that the said water feature is a natural one. We can even create a grotto effect if you wish, or layers/tiers for added appeal.

  • Ponds. Ordinary ponds can become extraordinary with boulders. Our creative team can position and arrange boulders so that they enhance the beauty of your rock- or koi pond.

  • Paths/Walkways. We can strategically and artistically position boulders along pathways and walkways to make the ambience more nature-like. This would make your afternoon stroll or morning walk around your place more relaxing and enticing.

  • Grottos. Of course, grottos typically have large rock formations in them. And what better way to create an authentic-looking grotto than by placing boulders? With our expertise, you can look forward to a serene grotto that would surely give you peace of mind.

  • Hiring the Experts in Boulder Setting

    Large Boulder SettingsThe process of large boulder settings is hardly for the DIY-er. So if you want to have boulders incorporated in your landscape, spare yourself the hassle and leave it to us.

    When you hire us, you're guaranteed that all our boulders are carefully chosen and sourced straight from reliable quarries in the state. This allows us to have not only durable, but also nicely-shaped and great looking boulders. In fact, we can provide boulders of any size, color, and shape to suit your taste and your landscape's needs. This also ensures that the boulders that we use complement the existing structures in your property.

    Aside from these, we have skilled workers who can guarantee that the boulders would not just enhance your landscape's aesthetic appeal, but also stay in place and not cause any accident. Moreover, we have complete tools and equipment such as fork lift, which allows us to perform the job efficiently and complete our large boulder settings projects on time. Finally, we have relatively low rates for the services that we offer so you won't break your budget.

    Give us a call today or fill-out our online inquiry form for more details on our value for money large boulder settings services.

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